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glorious glorious sunshine!

Holidays, sigh! They were so, so good.


Denmark set the tone by dumping craploads of snow the week before Christmas, causing me no end of stressful nights worrying that Jacey might not make it to Europe... but after only 6 hours of delays (pretty good, considering some situations), she made it to the pølser scented hallways of Kastrup.


We spent a wonderful xmas here, cozied up inside for the most part watching CSI Miami and Luther. It really felt good to be lazy at home. The last couple Christmases have been spent travelling, and it's always stressful to try to find a meal on Christmas eve/day in a hostel.

Santa brought me a lot of chocolate, fuzzy socks, and peppermint scented body wash. And really, what else can you ask for? Oh yeah, KETCHUP CHIPS! Score on all counts.


We left for Rome on boxing day and while it was still chilly there, it was no where near the levels of coldness we're generally used to for winter. Having full days of sunshine was probably the best part of the holiday. At one point we were waiting our turn to get into the catacombs, and I just sat against a stone wall with my eyes closed, feeling the warm sunshine. So nice!


Rome is funny. It was my first time in Italy, and I knew that Rome was totally touristy. I wanted to see all the things I had studied in art history/architecture classes, but I wish that we could have had a bit more time to explore the outlying neighborhoods like Sapienza and Trastavere. The centre of Rome is completely chaotic. All the streets allow traffic, even the tiny ones, so you're constantly dodging motorbikes and cars. You'd think with all the constant streams of people, they'd pedestrianize some of the streets? Gah, the traffic was seriously awful.


The only really crappy part of Rome was the food. While we had read about some good restaurants, they were all on the expensive side. Pizza and pasta would have been fine, we were expecting that, but it was actually hard to find good pizza and pasta (?!?). We had super bad luck on the last day: bad espresso, bad pastries, bad pizza AND bad pasta. How is that possible? Ugh. You'd think in Rome that there would be plenty of cafes and restaurants with a nice atmosphere, but they all just seemed sleazy and contrived, especially with the owners standing around trying to get you to eat there with their pushy ways.


Anyways. I know that good food exists in Rome, it has to, we just never found anything super outstanding.


Barcelona however... As usual, never fails to impress and charm me :)


I seriously need to live there. Badly badly badly. This trip again reminded me why I love Spain.


Everything is clean, relaxed, cheap, and beautiful. Sigh!


Well, it's back to thesis now. At least it's been sunny here so far...