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Amsterdam City Break

I visited Amsterdam for the first time with my mom in 2006 and like many people who visit, I fell in love. It was the first time I felt like I was meant to be somewhere. When I got the opportunity to do an architecture internship there in 2008 I snapped it up. 

I spent August - December biking the city front to back with my friends Catherine, Felix, Nicole, and Bram. I was convinced that no one in North America had any idea what they were missing and even tried to write a research paper on the experience of the city from a bike vs. car. Needless to say the paper was horrible because as it happens, I am not the first person to discover cycling.

Amsterdam is a special place for me not just because it is full of incredibly inspiring design (old and new), or because it has some of the most beautiful art, but because it's where I learned how influential urban design is on the way you experience life in a city. I met Bram (from Denmark) who convinced me to look into the Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole -- no hard feelings ;p -- and started me on the path to investigating how design impacts urban life. 


Jed ran the Amsterdam marathon for the second time in October and we stayed in an airbnb on Witte de Withstraat. This was a super neighborhood just on the edge of coolness (right where I like to be). I love the feeling that you are sitting on the brink of things happening. I also love the feeling of familiarity and at the same time discovering something new. Amsterdam changes constantly and yet... I still feel in love with it as I ever did. Or maybe that's just the stroopwafels talking.

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