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Hamburg Harbour


The harbour is enormous and addictingly photogenic! There is something about overhead cranes in the misty distance combined with the bright, primary colors of industrial container ships that make photographs come out awesome. We took the harbour ferry (2.60 Euro or something, vs the 15-25 Euros lame tourists were paying for 'guided tours') all the way around the harbour. It took about an hour and was an incredibly cool thing to do.

On Sunday night we ate dinner at The Bird, probably my new favorite burger place of all time. The menus are funny and mock people for eating with knives and forks, which is just my kind of humor. There is one in Berlin too, which I want to go to for steak some time. Anyways, after a tremendous dinner we walked a lookout nearby and watched the work going on in the harbour. It's just fantastic, the lights and the huge boats... you really have the feeling that work never ends at the harbour.