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A non-comprehensive guide to architecture in Hamburg

Ada1 by J. Mayer H. Building and Urbanism

Ada1 by J. Mayer H. Building and Urbanism

At the end of April we went to Hamburg because Jed was going to run the marathon. I say 'going to' because the day we left, he tripped on the stairs at Hauptbahnhof in Berlin and seriously sprained his ankle. It was not a pleasant train journey, especially considering the fact that we didn't have reserved seats. We sat on the ground between train cars for about half an hour before we were able to find a seat at the far end of the train finally. 

We stayed at an airnbnb on Muhlendamm and it was so beautiful! Plus, the woman whose apartment it was left us chocolate mints and haribo fantasia mix in bowls throughout the house :)

Anyways, here's an architour through the city:

Considering I am an expert, I feel it is my duty to add that this is not the sum-total of architectural coolness in Hamburg. It is just what I managed to see in 3 days on a bicycle. I also skipped a few buildings that are 'cool' to some people but just don't do it for me (some of the new hotels on the edge of St. Pauli as an example). Know of a gem that I've missed? Hurray for you! Have fun photographing the shit out of it. Yeahhhhh.