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Kenya Diaries Part IIIa: There's more to see then can ever be seen



Last night I listened to the sounds of the wild all around me. Birds, wild dogs, hyenas, insects, and hyrax calls filled the air. Around a quarter to 5, loud chanting and singing started which sounded like someone yelling through a megaphone, and I thought something bad was going to happen but it turns out it was a religious ceremony at the nearby village.

The Lion King turns out to be a common point of reference for us as we connect the Swahili names of the animals to the names of the characters: "Simba" means lion, "Rafiki" means friend, "Pumbaa" is the nickname for warthogs - it means 'idiot' (in an endearing way I hope!! I love warthogs!)

This morning was the epitome of safari. The sun burst over the peak of Mt. Kenya and we watched the wildlife wake up. An improbable amount of warthogs jumped out one after the other from a hole in the ground just next to us. We saw Elephants super close up, making their way across the fields. We saw a black-backed Jackal, a Marshall Eagle, a Lioness with a tracking collar, Baboons, Giraffes, Zebras, The usual Impalas, Hartebeasts and Gazelles, lots of warthogs... (click to see large)

We came back for breakfast around 8:30 and will meet again at 3:30. This is a fantastic pace, we see so much and still have lots of time to relax.