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Kenya Diaries Part X - Maasai Mara

Greg touches a sausage. Legit description!

Greg touches a sausage. Legit description!


Question which I would really rather stay unanswered, as I prefer the mysterious ponderings of my mind to real life: WHAT IS INSIDE THE SAUSAGES ON A SAUSAGE TREE? If you know the answer, please do not share.

Morning safari was "boring" - as far as animal sightings. Don't those animals know we are here to see them?? How dare they stay hidden when we've come all this way! Darned nature. At least the scenery was beautiful.

We had a break in between breakfast and afternoon safari (starts at 3:30) so Jed and I did what any sensible people who aren't paying would do: ordered drinks and sat like royalty by the pool.

Jed is modelling the latest H&M safari fashions, sporting a traditional Maasai bracelet and enjoying an extremely unmanly afternoon cocktail.

Ginger beer and rum, infinitely better than ginger ale and rum


This afternoon we saw much more on our safari than this morning. Dik-diks by the gates, then zebras, gazelles, hartebeast, a herd of elephants, wildebeest, topis, impalas, elands, ostriches ANNNNNDDD.... 3 male lions. These are our first 'big' male lions with full grown manes and they decided to sleep through our encounter. I guess we don't look like potential sources of food.

Exciting moments: it rained super hard just before our safari and so there were a lot of muddy roads. We pulled a stuck land cruiser out of the mud. Heroes!

Tomorrow: all day safari to the mara river. BE PREPARED.