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Kenya Diaries Part IX - To Maasai Mara

It's a dikdik. They are shy and tiny and ridiculous. They have weird noses. I love them.


We woke up early this morning to pack and get ready to leave. The last couple of nights it has rained and as comfortable as the camp was I am pretty excited at the prospect of a bed that has space for two people and where I have space to simultaneously open my suitcase and get dressed at the same time. 

We left around 9 - poor little Morani was crying and waving and smiling at the same time. We made pretty good time out to Maasai Mara - only about 1.5 hours. In some places it looked like the water had been really high and flooded out roads. The countryside is just beautiful, especially after these rains. It's incredible how fast things grow - places where I swear there had just been dust and brown, baked grass were now covered with a fuzz of vibrant green. 


When we got into the game park, we went on a small drive around because our hotel rooms weren't ready yet. It was so cool to see animals again! We saw an elephant, a buffalo herd, topis, gazelles, zebras and giraffes. Back on Safari baby.


We checked in around 12:30 and... our rooms are AMAZING.


The prototypical safari tent that you have envisioned in your head? These are them. Canvas tents with roll down window flaps, rich wood floors, and an artfully draped mosquito net. Old-world looking furniture and the most beautiful ceramic mugs I've ever seen. I'm time travelling right now.

We had lunch - buffet style but really, really tasty. On our way we saw a tree hyrax and dikdiks on the grounds.

We started our afternoon safari and saw lots of different kinds of birds:

Vultures, black-bellied bustards, eagles, a secretary bird, egyptian geese...


And ostriches.

And lions.

And we got stuck in the mud at one point, but while we were sweating and making what must have been very irritating worrying sounds in the back seat, David threw it into overdrive and ploughed up the ditch like it wan't no thang.

We saw big storms all around us, but luckily didn't get rained on. Seems to be some kind of rain-avoidance luck that we're having - let's hope it holds.

Sometimes the nicest part of the evening is when we go for drinks before dinner. I love these chances to unwind and talk about the day, and or complain about the state of the world en mass. By dinner my mind is DONE and it's all I can do to shovel in the sustenance and head back to the tent for an early bed time.

I climbed into my nice clean safari bed, warmed by hot water bottle, snuggled in with my book and was gone before Jed finished brushing his teeth.