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Kenya Diaries Part VIII - Nature Safari in the Loita Plains


So earlier I commented on how well behaved the kids are here. It makes sense - they have a very strong structure for different roles amongst the age groups. But even more effective - and some people might disagree - is straight up hitting people with sticks.

I am a HUGE proponent of hitting people with sticks.

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Kenya Diaries Part V - Mt. Longonot


This morning we got up early for our volcano climbing excursion. While we were waiting for David to pick us up we saw a group of 7 or 8 Colobus monkeys eating breakfast just in front of the lodge. THEY ARE SO FUNNY! And their tails... look like those macrame plant hangers that seemingly everyone in my childhood had gracing the corners of their living rooms. There were also Vervet monkeys jumping around stealing little bits of breakfast for themselves and generally acting like monkeys.

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Kenya Diaries Part IIIb: More to do than can ever be done

Tea Masala. I am telling you. I love coffee but tea masala is a close second. It is a spicy tea brewed with milk and drunk with sugar - like an African Chai. 

Baboons crossed the field in front of the camp around 10am. The free time we had between safaris today was spent lazing, reading, taking pictures around camp, and getting a pedicure care of Bubbie (Thanks!) It was hard to imagine ever being hungry again after breakfast, but somehow if you put yourself in the vicinity of available, ready made food, you find a space to pack it in.

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Kenya Diaries Part IIIa: There's more to see then can ever be seen


Last night I listened to the sounds of the wild all around me. Birds, wild dogs, hyenas, insects, and hyrax calls filled the air. Around a quarter to 5, loud chanting and singing started which sounded like someone yelling through a megaphone, and I thought something bad was going to happen but it turns out it was a religious ceremony at the nearby village.

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Kenya Diaries Part II - Nairobi to Mount Kenya


I've been awake off and on since 4:30 because of all the birds! Our alarm clock at home comes on with birds chirping so now everytime I hear birds I wake up. The sun is just coming up and I am hearing the opening sequence of the Lion King in my head from seeing the African trees silhouetted against the sky outside the window. The night was cool but I feel like today will be hot and sunny. We leave at 7:30am.

Good morning Nairobi :)

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Kenya Diaries Part I - Berlin To Nairobi


There is a large Dutch-speaking group behind me. It is around 7:30pm, cabin lights are dimmed, but for some reason on an elsewise silent flight this group feels the need to speak over the engines. Which is to say, loudly. My theory is that the same people who lack indoor voices also hang about territorially in front of the gates even though we all have assigned seating. There are some things that will forever remain unexplained.

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