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Kenya Diaries Part IIIa: There's more to see then can ever be seen


Last night I listened to the sounds of the wild all around me. Birds, wild dogs, hyenas, insects, and hyrax calls filled the air. Around a quarter to 5, loud chanting and singing started which sounded like someone yelling through a megaphone, and I thought something bad was going to happen but it turns out it was a religious ceremony at the nearby village.

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Kenya Diaries Part II - Nairobi to Mount Kenya


I've been awake off and on since 4:30 because of all the birds! Our alarm clock at home comes on with birds chirping so now everytime I hear birds I wake up. The sun is just coming up and I am hearing the opening sequence of the Lion King in my head from seeing the African trees silhouetted against the sky outside the window. The night was cool but I feel like today will be hot and sunny. We leave at 7:30am.

Good morning Nairobi :)

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