Future Landscapes
Design, Visualization & Photography

U of T


Our proposal for the University of Toronto’s Landscape of Landmark Quality Competition begins with the belief that King’s College Circle is a ‘latent landmark’, ready and waiting to be re-stored, re-vitalized and re-imagined as the vivid centrepiece of the downtown campus.

Our proposal propels a ‘deep core’ for the University of Toronto’s historic campus that vitalizes King’s College Circle to create the ultimate green heart and vivid centre of campus life. We define new and diverse landscape settings and plazas for gathering, events, spontaneous learning and – with particular care and subtlety – add a curated ‘arc’ of Campus Life programming and new Athletic Centre embedded within the Landmark Circle.

With this bold gesture supported by a comprehensive landscape plan, the core is both restored, re-imagined and given new life. No longer a ‘picturesque void’, this ‘Circle Precinct’ becomes the point of gravity and connection among a diverse range of activities with direct relations to the public realm that will invigorate exchange and inspire the fullest expression of campus and community life. 

Role: Coordination, Visualization + 3D, Graphic Direction
Status: Shortlisted competition, Finalist
Project Location: University of Toronto, Ontario
Year: 2015
Project Team: Greenberg Consultants Inc. (Urban Design), Mobycon (Active Transportation), Tillett Lighting (Lighting Design), WSP Canada Inc. (Civil and Transportation Engineering), Gensler Architects (Architectural Advisors), SWERHUN (Public Engagement)

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