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Future Landscapes is a design studio that creates custom, compelling 3D renderings for landscape architecture, urban design and public space.

I Craft Visions, Landscapes, Graphics, Websites.

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FUTURE LANDSCAPES is a design studio that helps clients showcase their work through custom, compelling 3D visualization, photography, graphic and web design.

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My name is Stephanie Braconnier and I’m a designer with a background in architecture, landscape & urban design.

In 2016 I founded the studio FUTURE LANDSCAPES with the ambition to pursue a more versatile and integrative approach to design that encompasses the spectrum of scales within graphic representation, from typography, photography and digital web/print media to landscape planning at an urban scale.

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I purposely seek out projects that will challenge and increase my graphic dexterity. Working on the tangents of varied design fields means that I am able to make thoughtful connections between these fields, bringing a richness and diversity to my work.

As part of my practice I use a wide variety of digital and manual tools to establish a distinctive and emotive style within the fields of graphics, visualization and design.

In my years of practice I have developed a high level of craftsmanship and adaptability that means I can work across platforms, styles and softwares to bring future, as yet unbuilt, landscapes to life.


Visualization Basics

Free Beginner's Course in Landscape Visualization


On Modern Slavery and the Necessity of Free Time

We all know that in order to be a successful designer, you need to be in the Club of the Perpetually Busy, membership of which entails feeling smug about the painfully long hours you work doing essentially the same tedious busy-work everyone else is doing. It’s what creatives do. Or is it? What happens when we stop being busy and let ourselves be bored?


I currently live in Vancouver and work remotely for clients worldwide. I'd be happy to hear from you!