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This freelancer’s tangentially related musings on the fields of architecture, landscape architecture & urban design. Useful sometimes. Acerbic always.

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On The Necessity of Free Time

We all know that in order to be a successful designer, you need to be in the Club of the Perpetually Busy, membership of which entails feeling smug about the painfully long hours you work doing essentially the same tedious busy-work everyone else is doing. It’s what creatives do. Or is it? What happens when we stop being busy and let ourselves be bored?

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On Talent (Becoming a Designer)

Are architects and designers born with innate talent? Are you worried that you chose the wrong profession because you weren't born with 'it'? Do your instructors sigh and rub their eyes whenever you try to present your ideas to them? Have you failed a semester in architecture school? 

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Design your way out of Climate Disaster.

Cementing our reputations as the Saviors of Humanity - the Landscape Architecture Edition.

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Sugar Beach, Corktown Common and a rant about Condos.

Can downtown residential development (i.e., condos) happen in a sane, practical way that actually creates livable neighborhoods? Corktown Commons says YES. Also, a look at some of the signature waterfront urban parks in Toronto. 

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The Don Valley & Evergreen Brickworks

This weekend the sun poked its rays out from behind the never-ending grey clouds of spring and we went for a walk along the Don River. The river path, bordered on one side by the Don Valley Parkway (highway) and train tracks, isn't the most accessible or noise-free green zone in Toronto but I feel like with some attention it could be a great space.

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Manitoba Hydro & The Bilboa Effect

Bilbao effect - good, bad, or just ugly? A presentation and round-table discussion by Bruce Kuwabara & Thomas Auer at the Guggenheim Lab - a temporary lecture space set up in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood.

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