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Visualization Basics

Viualization Basics is a free online course for beginners who want to learn how to use sketching and photoshop to create atmospheric, beautiful graphics to get their design ideas across quickly and effectively.


A free online course for beginners.


Beautiful. Emotive. Atmospheric. Convincing.

A strong visualization can help convince clients, instructors, and colleagues of your ideas. 

Visualization can also help us define, explore and materialize design concepts - an invaluable skill when time is tight and you need to communicate something quickly and effectively.


Great visuals don't need to be complicated.

Unfortunately, many students never learn to compose a visualization in a quick & effective way and get stuck before they even get started by trying to make something complicated instead of focusing on what really matters - refining design concepts.

It can seem impossible to translate the ideas you've conceived through intuition into the visual realm, especially when there are countless softwares and graphic techniques to choose from and not enough time to learn each one properly.

How can you get your ideas from your sketchbook to a presentation without spending weeks or months learning specialized 3D modelling and rendering software? 


Get there quickly with Visualization Basics.

Visualization Basics helps you master the most important steps to quickly compose a beautiful, atmospheric perspective in just a few hours. You will learn to use tools and techniques that are specifically geared towards compositing sketches, images and renderings to create a landscape visualization.

Best of all, you only use one software: Photoshop. Learning to create landscape collages with images, textures and lighting effects will enable you to make beautiful images from the most basic of sketches (and some effective google image searching!)