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2017 Annual Report

Graphic Design, Infographics, Print Media

As part of a continued relationship with Academics Without Borders / Universitaires sans frontières, I was engaged to design their 2017 annual report. Differing from the Case for Support document with a focus on project case studies, more in-depth information about the people behind the organization and including financial reports, the document drew from the template I had already created but also introduced some new graphic elements.

Client: Academics Without Borders / Universitaires sans Frontières
Role: Graphic Design, Custom Infographics, Print Collateral
Date: May 2018

Download the Annual Report in English / French.

Cover Design Variations

Cover Design Variations

Annual Report_View-02_Covers Multiple.jpg
Annual Report_View-04_3.jpg
Annual report_View-06.jpg
Annual Report_View-04.jpg
Annual report_View-05.jpg
Annual Report_View-04_2.jpg
Selected Pages from the Report

Selected Pages from the Report