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Enachipai "Building Hope" Academy Masterplan

The majority of people living near Narok are from the Maasai tribe. With the transition from semi-nomadism to permanent settlements, several Maasai villages now require additional educational infrastructure for nursery & primary education, as well as a clinic and community center.

The Enachipai site is located on 15 acres of land southeast of Narok. The site is organized by Merry Purcell, who runs the Nairoshi Foundation to help bring positive cultural and educational change from within the community. One of the main goals of the foundation is to enable women and children to secure a sound economic future and take control over their own developmental needs through education. The first classroom opened in May 2013.

Working together with Jedidiah Gordon-Moran and the Nairoshi Foundation we helped to organize Merry’s long-term development goals into a detailed, visualized masterplan and began detailing the buildings for construction as donations became available. Since implementation of the masterplan in 2013, the foundation has successfully completed 3 classrooms, 2 sets of teacher's quarters, composting toilets, and a vegetable garden that is able to both feed the students and help them learn more about nutrition and agriculture.

To donate to the Nairoshi Foundation and help support the work, please click here (in Canada) or here (Worldwide - Click on 'Donate')