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The happiest nation on earth: is it too good to be true? Spoiler: yes. An architecture student’s experiences with those crazy Danishes in Copenhagen while studying at the Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole.

Danish Poop in the news.

You'd be surprised what makes the news here.... Drunken Danish seamen running aground due to blood alcohol levels thrice the legal limit.... articles about the superiority of 'SvampeBob Firkant' over American SpongeBob.


All these stories are wonderful additions to my day, but be honest. Who doesn't love a good newspaper article about crap?


First there was what has nationally been dubbed 'the Fartman.' A man with questionable sexual tendencies who hid in the forest waiting for women to pass by, whereby he would politely ask them to pass wind on him. This has happened 5 or 6 times, and you'd think with all the publicity he's getting, surely someone is going off to the forest to grant his request?


Then there was the man who freaked out over dog poop on his lawn. Inexplicably, he placed miniature Danish flags in the dog-doo, and then took the more drastic action of hurling the poop in the face of the dog-owner. She says he smooshed it in her face, he claims he just threw it in her direction in frustration. Either way. The man touched poop willingly. And that's just some kinda crazy.


Now we have the endearingly named dump on Amager, historically bestowed with the nickname ‘Lorteøen’ (‘Poop Island’) since the 1800's. They're trying to change the image of the area. Forgive me while I titter behind my hands at this. How can you improve on the nickname POOP ISLAND?!? You just can't.


In school-related news, we're doing this 3 day workshop about Form. Yesterday our assignment was to design and build from cardboard a chess set. We presented them today, and our reward for this is.... designing ANOTHER chess set. *rubs temples and sighs heavily* It will all be over tomorrow... it will all be over tomorrow...