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The happiest nation on earth: is it too good to be true? Spoiler: yes. An architecture student’s experiences with those crazy Danishes in Copenhagen while studying at the Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole.

Late Summer in Denmark.

Basking in the boiling +12 weather.

Basking in the boiling +12 weather.

I have a few things lined up, this week to keep busy: meetings at the job center, the ever ongoing portfolio creation, website re-design. Also, making plans for language school in Germany.


Yesterday was a beautiful day, and I spent it with Bram and Heidi who were visiting for the INDEX design awards/CPH design week.


The awards were amazing.


The award ceremony was held at the new opera house, by Henning Larsen, and this was the first time I had ever been inside. I think that it is possible to book tours but I was really just hoping for such an event like this, where everyone is dressed to the nines and drinking champagne like it is water.


I literally sat like 10 rows from the Danish royalty at the ceremony, but that wasn't the cool part. I saw Elemental win the award for architecture, for their project for social housing in Chile. That was so cool - such a great project. 


The next day Bram, Heidi and I had brunch and then took the train to Louisiana to see the exhibition on 'Living'. I can't say much about it, there were some very interesting ideas presented but sometimes I feel that the museum is a bit too much hand in fist (if that is the right term) with Danish architecture firms. B.I.G. had a lot of work exhibited, with much undue attention given to both the new proposal in New York, and the 8 building in CPH. It seemed to me that these projects were thrown in there with no real relation to the rest of the exhibit, but purely as a chance to show off something Danish. But, it could also just be my hyper-sensitivity to the Denish Way. 


There was a really interesting case study done on soviet mass-housing projects, which I'd be interested in looking at in more depth. That's something totally missing from architectural education: non-western architecture, urban design, and housing.


To cut this short, because it's random and I have nothing of actual importance to write, I'm going to pick up my bike and try to convince AAK that I deserve money!