Future Landscapes


Surprise! We're moving to Rwanda!

The rumours are true. Instead of finding ways to quietly sabotage our landlord's life (for e.g., by slowly chipping away the flaking paint on our sad, neglected front door) we've put our craftiness to better use and found legal, paying ways to escape Canada. 


Nothing against Toronto: not really. Or at least not things I want to reflect upon right now.


Maybe later. 


In honour of this event: a new blog. The name - "sight unseen" - came to me as a perfect expression of how we've made the decision to move to a place we've never been, know barely anything about, and yet have committed to for an undetermined, nearly-permanent period of time. Quite happily and enthusiastically too, as it happens.


The history of this decision is short - things came together in a matter of days - but also long. It's one of those things you couldn't have seen coming or anticipated happening so fast yet somehow have been preparing without realizing. Underlining our lives in Toronto, from what we chose to pursue in our spare time and what we've worked towards in our careers, we've been building towards this moment. So when the opportunity came we didn't hesitate.


I will now defer to The Acorn for the appropriate soundtrack:


I looked up and picked out a map in the sky
no need for the nude of the moon as I'm guided by fireflies
and they whisper prayers to my feet
as I tiptoe through gardens, minding the slumber of parakeets
and lover's on the way
I won't feel the pull of the coming day
or the compromise of sleep
'cause I've got a fire on the soles of my feet

I'm going as far as these crooked legs take me...

It would be unfair to say we haven't got any anchors to Toronto. Materially we have very little (outside of our couch, which I love dearly and am seriously considering shipping to Kigali...) But we'll be leaving behind our fantastic, inspiring colleagues, wonderful friends and supportive, loving family. We know what distance costs but we also know from experience that when you've got such strong connections they are flexible enough to grow into forms that distance can't touch. 


Jed's first day at MASS Design Group is June 20. We'll be in Kigali for a month or so initially, then we'll return to take care of all our Toronto business and visit with our friends and family. If you won't be listening to hardcore industrial goth metal with us at Unsound Festival next Friday, then we hope to see every one of you at Cherry Beach on Friday, August 19 to watch the moon rise and plan your upcoming trips to East Africa - and we know you WILL come to visit!

 *neither Cherry Beach nor Kigali... but minor details.

*neither Cherry Beach nor Kigali... but minor details.