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A semi-weekly blog outlining the research, findings, and design development of my master's thesis "Urban Nature - The Inhabitable Edge' at Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole in Copenhagen.

dear computer,

You have been working very hard lately. Probably too hard. I understand your voracious desire for updates (especially you, windows vista) and rest, but I really really really need you to work with me here. My 3D models are not sacrificial virgins. My photoshop files are not computer food. You cannot simply eliminate files out of spite or randomly decide you don't have enough memory when you clearly do.

I have been really nice to you! I clean you regularly, try not to duplicate file names, back you up, and stare at you lovingly for many hours a day. When I am done here, you get to have 6 whole weeks of unadulterated sleep. Think about that! Dream about that! But in the meantime, please pull your socks up and keep slogging away.

All my love,


Stephanie2 Comments