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KADK - Masters of Architecture

Student Life, mm hmm.

  • I think I am developing a bed-sore. But it's a computer chair-sore more like. 
  • My eyes are burninating from staring at the computer 10+ hours per day
  • I ate Rice Krispies for dinner, not by choice, but because it is literally the only edible thing in the house right now besides spices and yoghurt. I don't have time to go grocery shopping.
  • I am in about 10 tourist photos of 'Wow, look at that girl carrying a big chunk of wood on her bike!' type amazement.
  • I am trying to not to think about the fact that I spent over 500kr on model supplies today because that is like $100 and I'm crying on the inside.
  • I have accepted the fact that I have no clue how my bridge works structurally and am prepared to fail.
  • I need a.
  • I lost my train of thought up there.
  • Eff, 5 days. I am so not spanking this project.
  • Cry.