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KADK - Masters of Architecture

Some School Stuff

Just some various pics of what I've been up to in school...

Project 1: Bridge which spans 90cm made from 4mm dowels and red Guterman thread. Must hold one brick for 15 seconds or more.


Instructors: Peter and Flemming discuss optimizing the structure through tension

Project 2: Create a tower as tall as the ceiling from straws and pipecleaners which can hold a glass of water on top. Ours won the competition at 2.41m and being structurally stable. Our prize was Champagne! In studio! I love Europe.

Excursion 1: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek, Denmark.


At the museum was the exhibit "Green Architecture of the Future." Outside were a few pavilions, amongst them this one by Danish architects 3XN. It lights up with heat from humans. 


A conceptual urban plan by Foster and Partners... Something about interconnectivity and going back to a medieval city plan which is proven to work well, and the lit up strange buildings on the edge represent the 'new' city wall. Or something. Don't ask me.



Excursion 2: Malmo, Sweden. This is the new library by Danish Architect Henning Larsen. See, rap, children and books DO mix!