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Parametric Workshop

I did this huge post about the Sagrada Familia, Mark Burry, and parametric modelling. And the stupid internet ate it.

So here's the short version: what I did this past week at school with strips of plywood, a hand planer, and a lot of glue.

Our assignment was to use parametric models to design a reading room in a public space (the botanic gardens). Our main ideas had to do with creating a private world where a reader can retreat into their own atmosphere despite being in a public space. We also wanted to create some shadows to prevent the reader from being blinded by sun; and finally to elevate the body from the ground. We used weaving to create this room, the entire structure is made from 7 very long strips of plywood which we had to hand-plane and join to get the right length. The model is parametric in that we can change the curve by sliding the woven pieces in different ways. And the hammock is actually structural, in that when a person sits in it, the entire structure tightens and creates a more strong weave.

I'm really upset that my other post was lost. You can never write things the same way the second time.