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Live from Berlin

What is it like to live and work in the Hauptstadt? A Canadian designer’s unique perspective on finding work and having fun in Berlin.

Haben Sie Kaffee?

I'm back, and I've swung back down into a feeling of terror and uselessness again re: work. 

Competitions are like your thesis, only compacted into a 3.5 week time period. Analysis that has, in the past, taken the better part of a month to complete, now needs to be finished in 3 days. Scratch that - analysis? schmanalysis. Ideas have to start spewing out of your head and onto paper in record time and they have to look good enough to present to the partners. Then it's like... one week of 'design development' and one week to do ALL the final drawings and renders. Where am I going to build a 3D model in that time? Hmm? When do I have time to do test renders?

I keep thinking that I'll bring stuff home and work on the rhino model, but my eyes are burning from computer screen eye cancer and I have a slight throbbing headache. I can't relax though, because I feel guilty about relaxing. Dinner seems really unimportant. Baths are the only thing that actually force me to take my mind off things.

God bless bathtubs.