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BAAKENHAFEN is the final quarter of the new harbor to be developed in Hamburg, Germany.  This competition called for a detailed urban design for the public squares, parks, and shared-use courtyards throughout the whole quarter. 

The vision for the quarter took root from the concept of a new 'nordic city', with a close relationship to nature manifested through bare granite archipelagos and pine forests. In the center of Baakenhafen is the recreation island--the central public space for the quarter, with white stone features under a canopy of pines.

Bordering the whole island is a new cycle route that brings people from the edges of the city into the heart of Hamburg. 

Status: third prize

Team: Elena Emmerich, Peter Hausdorf, Sophie Holz, Henning Pagels, Christoph Schimetzky, Maja van der Laan

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