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The area near Mühldorf was used by the Nazis as an extermination camp from 1944. Under the cover of thick pine forests, victims were forced to build first the living quarters for the SS, then their own 'waldlager' (forest camp). The average life span for a Mühldorfer was 80 days.

Prisoners from both Mühldorf and Mettenheim Concentration Camps were marched to work on various projects; amongst them an underground bunker where one of the Nazi's 'secret weapons'  - Messerschmitt Me 262 jet engines - were to be built.

Americans demolished part of the bunker which was never finished. Out of a total of 12 concrete arches only 7 were completed. One is still standing today.

The competition was to create an unobtrusive path system with information points, a memorial for the victims who died in the camp, and an observation point at the bunker.

The memorial envisioned is one that requires participation. The act of bringing tokens of remembrance often helps people through the grieving process.

To go one step further, we provide metal stencils with each victim's name on it. Family members and friends can find the stencil and spray the name onto a tree. The process is repeated year after year, and the names of the lost are not forgotten.


Status: 2nd prize

Team: Theresa Fehrmann, Henning Pagels, Ole Saß

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