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Lightcatcher Bridge

The specific aspect of bridges within an urban environment is that they appear in conjunction with other distinctive elements, as opposed to bridges in a landscape that typically appear as solitary units. The art lies in finding a balance between the soul of the bridge and the soul that the city possesses or will possess, while integrating the new family member, which in this case is the new bridge. 

Sluseholmen is a new urban district in the south harbor of Copenhagen, following the urban principles of Dutch canal living. Though the new neighbourhood is rich in detail and has the bones of a strong area, it lacks public space.

The lightcatcher bridge is a contrasting form to the pure, controlled architectural detailing of Sluseholmen. It is inspired by the life that becomes visible in the windows at night; each room a different quality of light, each person just a shadowy silhouette within.

The bridge is clad with polycarbonate panels that reflect colours during the day and have light projected upon them at night. In this way the central element, people, and the function of the bridge, motion, are brought together with through a third urban element, light.

Institute: Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole
Project: XXL Object in the City (Master's studio)
Year: 2009